Get your copy of Watts the Deal?

New copies of the game in stock! Follow our hashtag on twitter #WattsTheDeal  to receive all updates!

This game challenges the top-down perspective taken so far when looking at this business model. It can be useful tool for engagement with e.g. trial participants, so they can get a sense of what P2P is about. You can download the DIY version online or apply for a version of the game here!

Thanks to funding from UCL’s Bartlett faculty, we have some copies of Watts the Deal? to give away. If you or your organisation would like to receive one or more copies, please register your interest using the above link.

So that we can allocate the games most effectively, we are asking for a little detail on how you plan to use it. We will be prioritising planned uses for things like public engagement and teaching.

We are sending out the games free of charge, but in return would love for people who get copies to let us know how they’ve been using them and if they have any feedback.