Easy-to-print DIY

If you want just to try out the game and play it with friends and family at home the easy-to-print DIY as it only needs simple printing and material available in any home. The original DIY includes all material we use for our game, which requires high-quality printing, and specific elements such as a spinner, tokens, and different coloured matchsticks, which are usually not available at home.

We know that, at the moment, many families are spending a lot of time at home together because of the COVID-19 situation. In case you wanted to play the DIY version of the game with your family, we have put together this document to give you some ideas for things it might be interesting to discuss with children. It is a list of overall topics and questions to consider, with some brief prompts. Just pick the ones that seem at the right level.

You can download the easy-to-print game here!

Printing instructions for one game:

  • Instructions: A4 (print 1)
  • Incident slips:  A4 (print 1)
  • Personality cards: A4 (print 1)
  • Placemat: A4 (print 4)
  • Grid and bank signs: A4 (print 1)
  • Demand cards: A4 (print 1)
  • Flex card, solar card & battery card: A4 (print 1)

Additional items you need:

  • Six-sided dice
  • Tokens: 140 of one kind of coin, 30 of another
  • Matchsticks: 50 each of five different colours (you can just play with one colour)
  • Scissors to prepare the game
If you didn’t print the demand cards use a deck of cards with all cards of value eight and above removed (leaving just ace through seven)
easy-to-print diy

Prepare the Game

Print out all items included in the download link above. You need scissors to cut out all elements. If you can’t find some of the additional items you need, try to use something else. In the “IDEAS” tab we show you some alternatives.

Share your easy-to-print game design with us!

You got creative at home and have some ideas on how to design the game or improve the setup so that it is easier to play? Send us your ideas and pictures and we will publish them here on our website!