Original DIY

This is the original DIY version of Watts the Deal? and includes all material we use for our game, which requires high-quality printing, and specific elements such as a spinner, tokens, and different coloured matchsticks, which are usually not available at home. If you want just to try out the game and play it with your friends and family at home, you should choose the easy-to-print DIY as it only needs simple printing and material available in any home. 

You can download the original game here!

Printing instructions for one game:
Instructions: A4 (print 4)
Incident slips:  A4 (print 1)
Personality cards: A4 (print 1)
Placemat: A3 (print 4) or A4 (print 4)
Demand cards: standard business card format (print 6 of each)
Spinner : 20x20cm (print 1)
Flex card: standard business card format (print 4)
Solar card: standard business card format (print 4)
Battery card: standard business card format (print 4)

Additional items you need:
Matchsticks (5 different colours):
Tokens (2 different colours):
Spinner: 1

What’s included in the donwload?




Demand cards 1-7


Flex Card

Solar card

Battery card


Incident Slips