Watts the Deal?

The peer-to-peer energy trading game

About the Game

More and more energy consumers are able to generate their own electricity thanks to the availability of cheaper renewable energy technologies such as solar panels. At the moment, they have to sell energy that they don’t use to the grid at a quarter of the price they buy it for. Peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading is a new approach in which people would sell electricity directly to their neighbours. Sellers get more, and buyers save compared to buying from the grid.

Our Story

As part of the EPSRC funded P2P-IoET project, researchers at the UCL Energy Institute developed a board game to show how peer-to-peer energy trading would take place within a community. After a series of test runs with internal staff, the ‘Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading Game’ was first presented to the public at the Manchester Science Festival on 24 October. Since then it been played by a range of stakeholders, including the UK energy regulator and energy consumer association.

Easy-to-print DIY available now!

Online version available now!

You can choose out of three different versions or play them all!

How does it work

Version 1

Super Saver

Make the most money, by selling as much energy as possible and buying as little as possible, while still meeting all your energy demand.

Version 2

Powerful Personalities

Win the game by achieving the aim assigned to you through your personality. Be aware that different personalities can start with different playing conditions.

Version 3

Collective Consumption

Play as a group, buying as little energy from the grid as possible, by trading energy between the players.
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